Family Leaves Behind New Puppy At Pet Hospital After Learning Diagnosis, That’s When Veterinarian Steps In


Huck is a bulldog puppy a family purchased from a breeder. Not long after taking him home, they noticed something was wrong with him. The little guy couldn’t control his body functions. The family worried that his problems could be serious, so they returned to the breeder.

The breeder gave them a new, healthy puppy, but refused to take Huck back. The family was afraid to leave Huck with the breeder for fear he wouldn’t be cared for. They opted to take both dogs to the vet to see what was what. Both dogs needed to be examined, and they wanted to learn about what was going on with Huck.

Dr. Laity works at Harbor Point Animal Hospital. X-rays were taken of Huck, and a prediagnosis of spina bifida was given. The Spina Bifida Association says spina bifida, “happens when parts of the spinal cord and nerves come through the open part of the spine. It causes nerve damage and other disabilities.”

After they learned of Huck’s diagnosis, the family decided to surrender him to the clinic. Dr. Laity took Huck home with her for the weekend; and a few days later, a neurologist confirmed her diagnosis. The vet fell in love with the bulldog pup over that weekend, so she adopted him.

He gets plenty of fun and playtime at home too; Huck loves hanging out with his other canine pals – two labs and a boxer. The feline family members aren’t too keen to play with him yet.

“You really wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him if he didn’t have his diapers,” Amy Laity said. “He is a happy, healthy, playful puppy!”