A hungry dog waits patiently every day for one very special bus driver

Feed The Furbabies Canada

Bus drivers are special people. Every day, millions of parents across North America trust their children to the dedicated people who drive the buses that take the kids back and forth to school. They put up with yelling, rowdiness, rudeness, and thoughtlessness from a variety of ages, and still they keep their cool and faithfully perform their duties.

But there’s one bus driver in Canada who stands out. Unfortunately, we can’t sing her accolades publicly because every day, Monday through Friday, she makes an unscheduled stop, so she must remain anonymous. If we could, we’d give her a reward!


Feed The Furbabies Canada is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide food and supplies to rescued pets, and feed strays that would otherwise go hungry.


The unscheduled stops started two years ago when the bus driver noticed an emaciated dog digging through garbage looking for something to eat. The next time she saw the dog, she was ready for him. She opened the bus door and tossed out a bag of dog food. And a relationship was formed.

The dog is skittish and refuses to be approached. But as you can see in the video below, he knows that the bus means food. His tail happily wags as the bus approaches.

When the driver opens the door and tosses the food onto the bottom step, the dog—no longer thin and desperate—gratefully takes the offering and trots off to enjoy his meal.

If there were awards for people who meet needs in unique ways for needy animals, this saintly bus driver would surely be a recipient. As it is, she has to remain unknown.

Watch the touching video below, and note the dog’s happy demeanor even before the door is opened. If you, like I, are grateful to this unnamed lady for her kindness to a likewise nameless dog, consider making a donation to Feed the Furbabies Canada, and share the video with your friends!​

Source: weloveanimals.me